The beauty of fine leather

crafted according to French tradition since 1927

Each step is crucial

when it comes to making full-grain leather

Keeping the client in mind...

working with them throughout the entire process to meet their requirements

A keen eye for detail

to ensure a perfectly-controlled manufacturing process

Rémy Carriat Tannery: keeping tradition alive since 1927

We produce exceptional quality leather for use in the finest handbags, shoes, saddles and  upholstery. Our guarantee: A choice of the finest young bull and buffalo calf skins, produced according to our world a renowned tanning, and finishing expertise.

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A passion for the finest leather

Combining almost a hundred years of experience with the best in technical expertise, we ensure that every step of the process leads to the most exquisite feel and some truly incomparable colours.

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Our objective

Our goal is to meet our customers requirements, staying in line with their objectives in terms of quality and creativity. Each step in the process of our tannery is intended to provide a soft and resistant leather with a unique grain and an unlimited selection of colours.

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