Lagun Taurillon


  • Origin Europe
  • Type Taurillon
  • Tanning Minéral
  • Dyeing Dip dye
  • Finish Full-grain, Semi-aniline / Grained and drummed

Lagun Taurillon is a mineral-tanned product and a full-grain semi-aniline leather. It’s thickness and “well-roundness” is made to reassure users. Its finish makes it uniform and consistent while remaining very elegantly supple and silky. Its hand polished look brings it to life. Lagun is suitable for suitcases, bags and upholstery for everyday use.


The various grains for Lagun



Lagun Taurillon & Metallic Lagun are suitable in a wide range of applications:

  • Leather goods / Small Leather goods
  • Upholstery / Decoration
  • Belts
  • Coverings
  • Footwear


  • Average size approximately 4 m²
  • Thickness 2.2/2.4 mm
  • Rubbing resistance Dry 5 /Wet ≥ 4 / ISO 11640/11641 / Perspiration ≥ 4
  • Light resistance ≥ 4 / DIN ISO 105-B02
  • Tearing resistance Excellent / EN ISO 3377-1
  • Flex resistance Excellent / DIN EN ISO 5402

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