Our tannery’s entire history is closely tied to working with this material. Our know-how is based on the capability of our workshops and the treatments we use to enhance this exceptional material and give it a unique and long-lasting touch. Superior know-how currently acknowledged by the “Entreprise du Patrimoine Vivant” label (Living Heritage Company) that we have maintained since 1927 at our tannery located in Espelette, in the Basque region of France.

Taurillon leather has a rare and remarkable appearance and feel. It is a thick and generous skin that one should touch in order to understand these natural characteristics. A soft and smooth material that becomes even more beautiful over time. Its resistance to everyday wear and tear, its unique feel and appeal to the senses symbolize everything that leather should be.

A “taurillon” is neither a young bull nor a calf. Approximately 12 months old, this young bovine comes from specific farms identified within the European Union. We have chosen these farmers in Catalonia and Switzerland for their excellence and their compliance with good practice standards. We have been working for many years with these farmers who know our requirements. We have developed a relationship based on trust and we regularly check the quality and origin of the wet blue hides supplied. It is important to remember that “taurillon” are bred exclusively for food. We process and improve a food industry waste product in order to transform it and give it all its grandeur. Then comes the work and know-how of our workshops to make the skin a natural, resistant, smooth and soft leather.

Find out more about our range of taurillon leather manufactured in our workshops and their specific applications:

Socoa Taurillon

This full-grain aniline and drummed mineral-tanned leather is stain-resistant thanks to a full dip-dye treatment during the dyeing process. This natural leather with its soft and silky feel is perfectly suitable for leather goods designers and furniture.

Maia Taurillon

This smooth full-grain semi-aniline leather is first and foremost a feminine leather. A supple and natural feel, a fine silk-like grain and a protective Nappa surface treatment make this leather UV resistant and weatherproof. An all-terrain leather, available in 2 grains and sold only in sides for the leather goods, accessories and footwear sectors.

Luma Taurillon

Mainly used in decoration, designers and interior designers like this semi-aniline full-grain leather for its silky feel, softness and sophistication. Available in 2 different grain finishes (Natural and Madison) for a consistent and completely delicate finish, and in a fire-retardant version.

Lagun Taurillon

Elegance, sophistication and confidence. This semi-aniline full-grain leather makes it possible to play with nuances and develop uncommon visual effects. Its characteristics are well-liked by leather goods and furniture designers as well as end users in their everyday life. You can opt for its classic grain or add an original metallic touch to your designs.

Oldarra Taurillon

Firmer than our Lagun leather, its grain is also thinner. Oldarra Taurillon is used in the leather goods and upholstery sectors due to its characteristics. This semi-aniline full-grain leather keeps its softness while retaining its silky, elegant appearance.

Arbola Taurillon

The shiny appearance of this leather is made possible by the exceptional hand polishing done in our workshops. This particularity gives a natural touch that makes Arbola unique and very popular with designers. This embossed full-grain leather is available in 5 different grain finishes (creative or natural) and a wide range of colors to meet our customers’ specific requirements.

Gochoki Taurillon

Both water-repellent and stain-resistant, this leather keeps its silky appearance and softness. To obtain this result, we lightly buff the grain. Then a treatment is done during a full dip-dye. This Nubuck leather is available in various natural and creative grains, with several colors. It’s up to you to choose from among all these options to find the one that matches your designs.

Saddlery Range

A special range with 3 leathers to meet the specific needs of saddlery customers and horse riders. Highly durable and waxy leathers with special treatments to withstand time and use. Learn more about the excellence and the final finish of our saddlery range.