Each piece of Carriat leather carry the unique marks of each animal

Each fat wrinkle, shades and crease is an unforgettable guarantee of authenticity, proof of a living material which has grown and developed over time. The mineral tanning and vegetable re-tanning processes give Carriat leathers  high resistance and a beautiful texture.

Each dye we use is selected for its richness and resistance to light, providing us with an infinite palette of deep, rich colours.  Finally, animal and vegetable oils are used to provide suppleness and  softness for  full grain aniline, matte or glossy, glazed or  hand polished and even Nubuck leather.

We select only the finest skins from two types of animal: young European bull aged between 18 and 24 months and Pakistani buffalo calves. Every month, we select Wet Blue skins from our suppliers to use in our production lines. And of course, at Carriat, we’re always working  hard to develop new colours and new applications (fire, aviation and outdoor standards).

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