Founded in 1927 by Mr and Mrs Rémy CARRIAT

Founded in 1927 by Mr and Mrs Rémy Carriat, the company originally tanned European box-calf skins to provide leather for the men’s shoe industry. Over the years, the company became a major name in the domestic market, but has never compromised  the quality of their products.

In 1970, the company branched out into the soft upholstery market with the introduction of young bull skins into their product range. During a technical consultancy trip to Pakistan six years later, Jacques Carriat discovered buffalo hides, and introduced them into the French market.

Ever since, the challenge has been on improving the company’s production tools. This has involved renovating the premises, building a dying plant in 2004, renewing and modernizing much of the production equipment, integrating computer systems and working to improve the company’s environmental impact.

On a commercial level, Rémy Carriat Tannery has become a highly well known supplier to professionals in the accessory, leather-goods, saddlery and decorative industries.
And on top of that, we are reinforcing our international presence.

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